New Look, New Site - Old Content and New content

"Where is Your Data" is changing.

This new site aims to be cleaner, neater, faster and easier to access than before.

All of the content will be moved will be moved here (eventually), the old links will work, or redirect (eventually), and new content will be added (eventually). Currently, not quite everything is in the new site, but it will be soon. If you are looking for something which you can't find, please use the "Contact" option.

So, what has been done?

Firstly, there is a constant theme across the sites to make everything easier on the eye (hopefully).

Quiz: Computer Forensics (General)

General computer forensics questions.

Quiz: Who's Who?

10 questions on "Who's Who" in the computer forensics and electronic discovery industry (A UK focused Quiz)

Quiz: Law

Questions about law. Questions vary from the UK legal system to laws about seizing computers and electronic discovery.

Quiz: NTFS Part 2

More questions about NTFS

Quiz: NTFS Part 1

Questions about NTFS

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